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I'm  a former library circulation worker who is of British heritage, and am a major league fan of  British Character actors.  My favourites are Colin Clive and Valerie Hobson, and I wish they could have worked together more often.  I also like reading, collecting scripts and plays,  Classical Music, and short story writing.

I love the books of Greg Mank and Tom Weaver, the direction of James Whale and nearly every "horry-gorry"that was ever made at Universal.  I also enjoy cats, black coffee, tea, Chinese food, E. Phillip Oppenheim and drinking my mineral water out of a laboratory beaker...(lol)

My sign is Aquarius, my metal is silver and my stone is blue topaz.  My colours are black, navy, electric blue, emerald green, royal blue and scarlet.
My talisman is an 1853 British penny, and my motto is "To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die..."


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    I certainly enjoy your contributions to our conversations.

    Your observations and mine seem to intersect frequently.

    Especially our agreement that Skelton Knaggs would have portrayed a primo Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come was pleasing.

    With every best wish,

    Andy in Vancouver.


    Reply from Elisabeth:

    Greetings Andy, and Happy Holidays!  I do love my monsters, and the wondrous men and women who made them live.  I must admit to being partial to the Laemmle era films, though.  I'm a 1930's girl at heart.  Fortunately for me, I heard tales of FRANKENSTEIN from my maternal Grandparents and my Mom.  The whole family went to the theatre in 1932:  My Uncle and Gran went for the excitement, and my Grandfather liked the acting.  My 12 year old mother was scared stiff.  She stuck it out, though, because she wanted to win a knockoff of Mae Clarke's wedding gown. (needless to say, she didn't win)

    I can well imagine what it must have been like, to see Boris Karloff turn in the door for the first time, because it scared ME.  ( I still loved every bit of it)

    Again..great to talk to you.
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    Thank you for your compliments.
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    Elisabeth, kudos for having a similar name to mine, Elizabeth  


    Reply from Elisabeth:

    Hi, Elizabeth.  I chose my name and my avator  because of my great affection for Valerie Hobson....a great and gracious British lady.